Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's Past My Bedtime


This is just a quickie, but it's part of my effort to keep Idle Prattle up-to-date.  I'm going to try out a 3-point update format for this quickie, let's see how it feels.

  • Something New
  • Something Notable
  • Something Nifty

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Life of Great Significance


It's time for a more update-flavored update.  That last post was...well, yeah.  Anyway.  I'll utilize the established 5-point update format, as per protocol.  Oh, and I'll sprinkle in some Star Wars because OF COURSE I WILL, I'M MIKIE!

1.  Culture Shock
2.  Short-Term Goals
3.  Long-Term Goals
4.  Chicks
5.  Miscellaneous


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Don't Read This


I was planning to update my blog either tonight or tomorrow night because I really suck at keeping this thing up-to-date and I'm trying to make positive changes in my life.  It's happening tonight because of reasons.  I'll do my best to remember to follow it up this weekend with a more thorough (and less depressing) update of my adventure in Taiwan, but anyway, onto the blog post.

(NOTE:  If you're reading this then you probably have some sense of my history, but if you are some random person from the Internet who found this blog and decided to read it, I welcome you to my madness.  I hope you won't be too confused! Either way, you can probably find a way to send me a Google message or carrier pigeon if you're really confused and need clarification.)