Saturday, May 10, 2014

Graduation Day


I finally graduated from college!

My fifteen-year journey to obtain my bachelor's degree came to an end this morning when I donned my boots and my gown and walked with my class.

I never planned to walk at my college graduation. I know, that sounds crazy, right? The goal has always been to obtain my degree; pomp and circumstance was secondary to the piece of paper that I needed. I'm glad I was able to walk because it was the punctuation mark at the end, the exclamation point that would emphasize everything that came before and draw me toward what is yet unwritten.

Fifteen years is a long time to chase a dream. I just want to thank everyone who believed in me, who didn't give up on me or lose faith even in the face of setbacks. Our patience has paid off. This morning I put on my boots and I graduated. Thank you again to the teachers, peers, and students I've had the opportunity to work with through the years. Thank you to my family and friends, the Goddess, and especially to myself--for moving forward when I thought I couldn't.

Thus begins an exciting new chapter in my life.

I have done the impossible and that makes me mighty.


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