Tuesday, December 8, 2015

UPDATE: 12/09/15


I just finished watching Footloose, so I'm in an excellent mood.  I'm sipping matcha tea from my Riverbottom Nightmare Band mug.  Life has certainly been worse.
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Me dancing.

Things are going well at work.  While there are things I could complain about, overall I'm happy with the work that I do.

Teaching overseas has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone.  For example, I'm going to be the teacher for my HESS branch's Sing & Dance competition team.  Yes, I'm going to be helping students learn a song and dance routine.  Please stop laughing!


Yeah, my last update was pretty unhappy.  I'm not 100% happy, that's for true, but I'm not 100% unhappy, either.  That's life, right?

I'm making great progress on my Fornever Role-Playing Game rules (the website still needs work) lately.  I have been revisiting multiple aspects of the rules and editing them to keep them in line with my vision for the game.  I've had to change things that I thought were unchangeable parts of my game that make it unique in order to make it better.  It's still very much a Mikie-flavored game and I think people will enjoy it when they get to play it.


I survived my first Parent's Day in my kindy class.  I had about a dozen parents show up and observe class.  They joined in on a song and a game, and then I got to sit down with them afterwards and chat about their kids.  That last part was a touch nerve-wracking, for true, but it was also a good experience.  Kindy is pretty awesome, and it's nice to see parents taking an interest in their kids.

Their first question for me was if I had a girlfriend.  Their kids like me, they like me, and they told me they want me to stick around until the kids are done with HESS kindergarten.  It's certainly food for thought.

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