Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Reading Challenge Book 18: Enemy


So I found out that, as an Amazon Prime member, I can get a free book every month. How cool is that? Also, how much a fool am I for not knowing that? Anyway, the free book I selected was Enemy by K. Eason.

I know I'm still behind on my reading, but I got this bad Larry done and I have the next one planned. It is sitting my shelf, eager to be read. I might even start tonight!

Enemy (On the Bones of Gods, book 1)
K. Eason

When I was younger my view of fantasy was shaped, quite strongly, by Dungeons & Dragons. I loved the RPG and I wanted my fantasy to fall in line with what I found in the rules. If I encountered certain creatures in a novel, for example, I would call to mind what I read about them in the Monster Manual and apply that to the text (and one book was really mixed up with regards to this, which detracted greatly from my enjoyment!). I actually avoided reading works outside not tied to D&D because of this.

Fast forward to present-day Mikie, and I'm excited to read fantasy that isn't set on Krynn, Oerth, Toril, or one of D&D's other worlds. Enemy does a wonderful job at world-building, drawing upon fantasy tropes and historical terms and applying them just so. Eason crafts a world that feels real, with its prejudices and politics, but still retains fantasy. The overall plot of the book, too, tells a story that is at once both familiar and fresh.

What I don't like, I'm sad to say, is the author's writing style. It is filled with a lot of half-sentences, tag questions, and train-of-thought, even in the narrative text. Eason's style is distinct and remains consistent throughout the book, but I found it to be a struggle to read at times. I felt that this writing style might better suit science fiction than fantasy, but perhaps I'm missing the mark. I feel that her writing will appeal to today's audience of readers, especially those younger than I am, those who are less concerned with proper English than I am. I don't know if that is the author's intent or not. While the book was an easy read, I did find the style jarring at times.

Now that I've finished book 1 of 2, I definitely want to see how it all ends. Enemy is Eason's debut novel, and the follow-up releases in July. I won't have to wait long (I've already pre-ordered it on Amazon).

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