Sunday, June 12, 2016

Reading Challenge Book 19: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


According to my calendar, today starts week #24 of the year, and I just wrapped up book #19. While I have certainly lost some of the steam I had when I began this endeavor, I still count 19 books (so far) as a worthy feat.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A New Verse Translation
Simon Armitage

I think the first time I read this wonderful story I was in middle school. I quickly fell in love with the tale of Sir Gawain, his wager with the Green Knight, and this amazing adventure. Truly, it is a wonderful tale.

I happened upon Armitage's translation quite by accident while ordering something unrelated from The book was recommended to me, and I jumped on it. This translation is different from the one I have previously read, but it is quite good. Armitage focuses on the importance of alliteration in the time of the Gawain Poet. His focus on language makes this version readable and enjoyable.

This Arthurian story holds a special place in my heart, and Armitage's version will be a treasured addition to my library.

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