Thursday, December 29, 2016

Reading Challenge Book 31: Dragons of Autumn Twilight


I end the year 21 books behind schedule, but not to fret. This is the first year I'm doing this, and also, I've read 31 books this year. 31! That's a fantastic accomplishment in today's busy world, and personally, I'm quite proud of my achievement.

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

My older brother got me into tabletop RPGs. I made my first character before I was a teenager a basic D&D dwarf named Goldtoe. I remember taking his 2nd Edition Player's Handbook and reading it cover-to-cover, and by the ripe age of 13 I was running games for my friends. Some of my fondest memories involve gaming.

My brother gave me a special edition of the Dragonlance Chronicles just before high school, the trilogy of which Dragons of Autumn Twilight is the first book. The creatures and character types from the rulebooks came to life in my hands as I read from that volume. I drew many odd looks from people as I walked the halls of school with the massive white book under my arm. Every time I cracked the book open I was taken to the world of Krynn and followed the companions on their quest to defeat the Queen of Darkness.

I've reread the trilogy many times over the years, and I convince others to read it whenever I can. Rereading it now, at the end of the year, was wonderful. I joined my companions on the first part of their grand journey, and it was wonderful.

I am sad that I no longer get to participate in tabletop role-playing games. They are quite responsible for my creative abilities, and D&D guided my reading for many years. I'm currently designing my own RPG that, I hope, will find its place in the market, find other young gamers and unlock their creativity as D&D and the Dragonlance Chronicles have done for me.

And yes, I'm writing novels to accompany my game. Coming soon!

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