Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reading Challenge Book 2: The Time Machine


An update so soon? What madness is this? Are the end times upon us?

No. I just finished my second book for the year and I wanted to share my impressions of it before my good-for-nothing memory makes the task more difficult.

The Time Machine
H.G. Wells

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It had been "gathering dust" on my Kindle app for quite some time now, just one of many free books I downloaded when I purchased my first Kindle a few years ago.

As this book has been around for more than a century, I doubt I can add much to the conversation with my singular reading.  I find that many of the Time Traveler's experiences in the year 802,701 A.D. are frighteningly plausible, which added to my enjoyment of the text.  The world of the Eloi and Morlocks was real enough on the page to give me pause for concern; could the human race be on such a path even now?

Something else I enjoyed were the feelings of familiarity I encountered as I read.  Since I am late to the party (as usual), I have experienced many of The Time Machine's derivative works.  Many times I would read a passage and remark "so that's where that comes from" to myself, as the passage called to mind something I've seen or read in a more modern source.  And though I doubt that I've seen the 1960 film in its entirety, I can call to mind the lovely Weena, an image that stuck with me as I read the novella.

A direct sequel, Die Rückkehr der Zeitmaschine by Egon Friedell, was published in 1964.  I found the German text available for free on Kindle, but I don't think my language skill is equal to the task of reading it [yet].


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